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Sithonia Trip with Odyssey Campers

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June 9, 2020

Odyssey campers are happy to suggest you an exciting trip, organized with the Odyssey Camper Vans, to some of the many beautiful landscapes and beaches of the second leg of Chalkidiki Sithonia. The places we have chosen to recommend you are suitable for free camping, so you can enjoy the comfort of our Campers, explore the landscapes and have a wonderful family road trip.

1st Day: Psakoudia

sithonia, Halkidiki: Sithonia Roadtrip with Odyssey Campers
A long coastline of thin sand, with beautiful waters, at the beginning of the second leg could be your first stop. There you can find some taverns for a nice dinner and coffee places with a nice morning view of the Mediterranean Sea. At the beaches you can also find sweet water showers that have been placed from the municipality.

Driving further you can pass by Marmaras for some shopping for supplies you might need. Some 500 meters after Porto Karas there is a coast road (not the main road), in which you can meet many small beaches with shadow from the trees that are ideal for free camping.

2nd Day:  Azapiko  Tristinika

sithonia, Halkidiki: Sithonia Roadtrip with Odyssey Campers

Tristinika is another beautiful beach worth visiting, with a long coastline and a strong cheerful summer vibe. The Ethnic bar is the meeting place of the free campers of the era, which can provide you the supplies you would need and also a nice night out with fresh cocktails and music. You would also enjoy the great sunsets.

3rd Day: Porto Koufo/ Kalamitsi/ Kriaritsi

sithonia, Halkidiki: Sithonia Roadtrip with Odyssey Campers

Next stop is Porto Koufo, another beautiful landscape with a particularly beautiful Marina. In Porto Koufo you can find plenty taverns known for the fresh and tasteful fish and seafood.

Passing by the Cape of Sithonia and driving uphill from the East side the Mountain Athos is starting to appear.

At the “nose” of the second leg Sithonia, there are organized camping places and villages with taverns, gyros places and super markets.

The first Camping is Kalamitsi, which has a very long beach that ends up in rocks from both sides and a lot of shadow in the camping side.

A couple driving minutes later follows Kriaritsi beach, which has two organized campings and from the other side of the beach a tavern. Next to Kriaritsi are many small beaches with beautiful blue waters and white sand. It is possible to walk from beach to beach through the rocks in between them.

4th Day: Kavourotripes

sithonia, Halkidiki: Sithonia Roadtrip with Odyssey Campers

While driving uphill you pass Sarti and some kilometers away, there are the small beautiful beaches Kavourotripes. There is a parking place up where the trees are and then walking down you find the tiny beaches.

5th Day: Vourvourou

sithonia, Halkidiki: Sithonia Roadtrip with Odyssey Campers

Next stop Vourvourou, there you can find markets for supplies, restaurants and taverns. You can also rent little boats and kayaks to cross the sea and explore the small islands that are very close to the coast and have beautiful beaches and view. Because of the beauty of these beaches, some of them became private.

The Sithonia Peninsula offers a variety of activities to include in your trip.  In Psakoudia, you can go horse riding. Marmaras is ideal for daily sailing trips or for a first scuba diving lesson. Renting a boat in Kalamitsi to go fishing or bathing around Kriaritsi and Kavourotripes is also a very good option.  In the area of Kalamitsi, you can go biking or walking around Dragoudeli.  Vourvourou offers sea kayaking around Diaporo and kite surf lessons. There is also the possibility of spending the day on the beach near a beach bar and having a BBQ and activities for kids.

The places are endless and so it’s their beauty. Through this 5-day trip you can be sure you explored the second leg of Chalkidiki with a comfortable way and a lot of independence.

Stay tuned for more upcoming ideas and cool van-trips!

See you on your holidays!