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Lakes and mountains of North Greece Tour

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June 9, 2020

Location: North Greece
Start: Thessalonikii
Finish: Thessaloniki
Where we go: Visit the artificial lake Kerkini, the Pozar warm baths, Kastoria lake, mountain Grammos, Konitsa and the river valley of Aoos and Metsovo.
Style : Jeep tour or van tour. Can be done with a camper van.
Theme: Touring, Nature, rivers and lakes.
Difficulty level: 1/5
Closest airports: Thessaloniki.


  • Visit the unknown part of Greece
  • Find out about the Greek water recources.
  • Pozar warm baths
  • Spectacular waterfalls
  • Mountain towns near lakes


  • The trip can be organized with jeeps, van (for families) or with mini camper vans.
  • Organized accommodation from Compass Adventures
  • Light hiking for visiting sites.
  • Swimming in warm baths or cold rivers.
  • Touring in mountain roads away from traffic.


1st Day : Arrival at Thessaloniki airport. When we are ready with our cars, we start the drive direction lake Kerkini. Kerkini is an artificial lake in central Macedonia and has become a natural reserve hosting thousands of migrating birds coming for the summer to stay. We drive at the Mountain of Belles (natural border with Boulgaria) and also around the lake. After we make comfortable at our guesthouse and, there is a chance for an optional canoe tour for 2 hours in the lake with a local guide (highly recommended)

  • Suggestions: Canoe or boat ride at the lake
  • Guided tour at mt Belles

2nd Day : After breakfast we start our drive through country roads, direction Goumenissa, a small town known for it’s wine. Crossing the mountain Paiko, we reach the fantastic waterfalls of Skra, where we rest and have lunch. We continue through country roads crossing little villages and enjoying the mountain scenary and lanscape of Macedonian nature. Our goal is the warm springs at Pozar. After checking in the hotel, we have the chance to enjoy a warm bath at the Pozar baths or make a small hike by the river.

  • Visit winery at Goumenissa
  • Hike around Skra waterfalls
  • Late evening warm bath

3rd Day : Start our day uphilling the 3rd highest mountainrange of Greece Mt. Voras, we drive an unfinished road which is half asphaltated. The landscape is changing as we climb and at our highest point 2000m we stop for a small rest. We begin to drive down with great views of Vegoritida lake, driving through the recently developed winter resort of Agios Athanasios. We reach the central road that takes us to the interesting village of Nimfeo. We rest and make a guided tour at the Arktouros center a place where they protect and study the brown bear the biggest mummal in the Greek nature! After having lunch we drive another beautiful forest road to Vitsi where we will enjoy beautiful views from the mountain top. Kastoria by the lake will be our next host where we stay at the old part of town in a cosy hotel

  • Hike at the top of mt. Kaimaktsalan.
  • Visit the brown bear shelter at Nimfeo

4th Day : As we leave the beautiful town of Kastoria, we drive direction the historical mountain of Grammos. Very near is the monastery of Agia Anna an impressive church built by the cliffs. After we start the drive through Nestorio to the village of Pefko, where we get a taste of the huge mountain massiv, big forests, lots of roads to choose.. Our goal is Arrenes a wonderful alpine lake at 1700m, and after the highest village of Aetomilitsa. The road continues through the high mountain medows and reaches Plikati after passing rivers and high peaks, one of the most impressive mountain scenaries of Greece!

  • Hike to Agia Anna chapel
  • Drive to Arrenes lakes

5th day : Our drive is in a very unique area. We drive through the Aoos valley where we pass hidden villages watch great views as we enter the North Pindos Ntional Park area. During the drive we stop for an hours hike to visit the impressive waterfalls at Iliochori (optional swim) and continue to Zagori area visiting the impressive arched bridges and view points of Vikos

  • Afternoon ebike tour
  • Swim at Iliochori Waterfall
  • Visit Oxia viewpoint

6th day : Our day starts with off road driving direction the remote Vovousa. We make lunch in the wonderful village square and continue on mountain roads to Spileo. The road is inside the protected area of North Pindos and is always a possibility to meet wildlife on the road such as bears or wild boar!

  • Visit the water museum in Vovousa
  • Hike the forest in Valia Calda
  • Hike to the Portitsa gorge

7th Day : Is the day where we can choose our way. We drive direction Meteora where we make a visit to the monasteries and a small walk around the impressive scenary. As we drive back to Thessaloniki we can choose either to stop at the beach for relaxing and swimming or drive through some lovely villages at the foot of Mt. Olympus.

  • Walk amongst the high cliffs of Meteora
  • Take a guided tour (rock climbing or hiking)
  • Swim by the Agean sea near Platamonas

8th Day : Airport – end of tour                  

, Lakes and mountains of North Greece Tour


This trip can be done with jeeps, or campervans! The jeep tour will be a guided tour but a variation of the tour (without of road can be done with a mini camper van and self guided! Ideal for a family tour.

Travelling on foot in mountains and hilly terrain is better measured in hours than in distance, as the steepness of the terrain, the altitude and the quality of the path defines how fast – or slow – you travel. In most walking or trekking programmes it simply does not make sense to mention the distance. That is why we indicate the walking hours. Please note that the walking hours mentioned in our grading system only is indicative.

Grade 1
Easy hikes that anyone with good health can do. Short hikes of 2-4 hours a day. The paths are in good conditions and mainly flat. Requires no special equipment.

Grade 2
Easier walking at reasonable good paths. The walking time will be 4-6 hours usually in hilly terrain. Every one in good health and a normal physical fitness can participate. Requires good footwear such as trekking shoes or hiking boots.

Grade 3
Walking in hilly or mountainous terrain, with longer ascents and descents. You will walk 5-7 hours a day. Requires good fitness and good health, but no technical experience. Requires good footwear such as trekking or hiking boots.

Grade 4
Trekking with daily walks of 6-8 hours, often in difficult terrain and higher altitude. There will be longer ascents and descents. Requires endurance and strong knees and ankles. Requires good hiking boots and “outdoor” clothing. There will be major fluctuations in temperatures.

Grade 5
Longer treks of several weeks, involving sleeping in tents and with daily walks of 6-8 hour in demanding terrain. There can be longer climbs over high passes in altitude around 5.000 meter/17.000 feet. Requires good fitness and endurance ability. Previous trekking experience is recommendable. Requires good hiking boots and regular “outdoor” clothing. There will be major fluctuations in temperatures.

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