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4X4 with Roof Tent

Interested in some more adventure?

4x4 Camper with Roof Tent Details

Seats: 4

Sleeps: 2

Runs on Diesel

Interested in some more adventure? Take the 4×4 camper with the roof tent. 4 seat belts, 2 sleeping places. A 4-wheel drive camper equipped with a portable solar panel, water tank, portable gas stove, kitchen utensils and outdoor shower. The roof tent is easy to set up and comfortably sleeps 2 people. With windows on all 4 sides, it offers a great view and good ventilation. Use the ladder to move up and down.

All you need for your holidays in Greece all year long.

Live the experience!

4x4 Camper with Roof Tent includes:

Eating Living Sleeping Outdoors

Crockery: 4x large plate,
4x small plate,
4x bowl, 4x cups

Solar shower
Bed sheets

Cutlery: 4x fork, 4x knife,
4x tablespoon, 4x teaspoon


Cooking equipment: pot with lid,
pan, pasta sieve

Pillow cases
Beach towels

Salad bowl, chopping board,
sharp knife,cheese grater,
vegetable peeler, bottle opener


Cleaning kit: washing up liquid,
sponge, cleaning liquid, cloth

Fresh water tank