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5-day road trip in Greece by campervan


5-day trip in Greece by campervan


Days: 5
Destination: Greece
Starting: Thessaloniki
Ending: Thessaloniki

Group size: 6 – 16
Ages: 10+
Difficulty: moderate
Type: Roadtrip, Cultural, Sports


*Olympus National Park * Archeological Site of Aigai
* Museum of Royal Tombs * Meteora rocks 
* Metsovo  * Katogi Averoff winery

Aditional Activities

Mountain bike

Visiting Greece all year round is an opportunity for stunning views of nature, sightseeing and a variety of activities. In this tour, starting and ending in Thessaloniki, 3 places of interest in northern and central Greece are combined. First stop is Vergina, 75km west of Thessaloniki, where the Museum of Royal Tombs as well as the Archaeological Site of Aigai are situated. Moving on to Litochoro, the group will spend some time in the area of Mt. Olympus and visit the Olympus National Park.  Going south, the highway leads to Meteora, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, known for its unique rock formation and complex of eastern Orthodox monasteries.

DAY 1:

Start at the Airport of Thessaloniki (SKG)

Upon arrival you will meet with your tour leader and get to know your camper. We immediately begin to drive towards Vergina to visit the Archeological Site of Aigai. After our visit to the archeological site, we rest for lunch and depart for the Olympus coastline to overnight at the Summit Zero Refuge.


DAY 2:

Exploring the area of Mt. Olympus

The choices are many and we suggest the optional tours:

  • Hiking the waterfall trails.  This route has a good deal of ascents and descents and due to the low altitude is highly suitable for the winter season. The route begins from the Krevatia Vrontous Refuge (950 m) where there is an old path that descends towards Agia Triada Stream passing directly below Barbalas peak. After about an hour hike it arrives at the Agia Triada Stream. It is a wonderful route with a view of the high peaks and the canyon.
  • Canyoning Orlias.  We drive to Koromilia refuge where we begin the hike. Our path descents in thick forest and approaches the Orlias stream. At a point we are going to make a deviation and go the location of “Kokkinos Vrachos” where we meet a high waterfall. Returning from the same path we continue our downhill where we meet the lagoons of Orlias river and we can have a nice swim. We return by car to Litochoro.
  • The international hiking path E4 starts in the area of Myloi (400 m) and is one of the entrances into the Olympus National Park from the town of Litochoro. The path passes through the stunning Enipeas Gorge and is well preserved with clear markings and informative signs. On the way, we cross the river many times and have the chance to see the twin waterfall. After many ascents and descents the path ends in Prionia at Enipea springs (1.100 m). We stop for lunch and get a transfer back to Litochoro.
  • Drive to the villages and sites of lower Mt. Olympus, exploring the tiny picturesque villages, having comfortable lunch at the square under the plane tree in Agios Panteleimon, discovering Skotina and Pori.

Overnight in the area of Mt. Olympus.


DAY 3:

Drive to Meteora

Our drive towards Meteora takes us through Tempi Valley where we make a short stop to walk along the Pineios river. Driving on the highway, we pass through Larissa and continue to Kalambaka under the impressive Meteora rocks. After a short visit to the Meteora monasteries, we rest at one of the campsites of the area (Camping Vrachos).

Overnight in Meteora.


DAY 4:

Activities around Meteora, a chance to explore the hidden spaces between the rocks!

  • Rock climbing for beginners. Meteora is a unique place for rock climbing and a destination for rock climbers from all over the world. Take a chance with a professional and discover this wonderful sport.
  • Hiking in between the rocks and discover the wonderful scenery of Meteora
  • Mountain bike through single tracks around the rocks

DAY 5:

Visiting Metsovo and back to Thessaloniki

Driving back to Thessaloniki, we visit Metsovo, a mountain town with a long tradition and history. We visit the famous Katogi Averoff winery and have a guided tour. A short walk around the village, and then we drive back to the airport of Thessaloniki.



  • Campervan
  • Guiding
  • Hiking
  • Insurance


  • Meals
  • Entrance fees
  • Activities

GNTO License: 0622E60000035601

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